i7 9700K, RTX 2080, 16 GB RAM, 250+ GB SSD, 2+ TB HDD

Corsair Carbide Series CC-9011107-WW


i7 9700K, RTX 2080, 16 GB RAM, 250+ GB SSD, 2+ TB HDD
Gaming Performance

Benchmarks / ratings

CPU Benchmark:89
GPU Benchmark:98


  • Very fast processor suitable for the most demanding tasks.
  • High-End graphics card, suitable for the latest 3D games at high settings.
Shopineer score:94/ 100

Estimated Gaming Performance (FPS)

Here is the estimated gaming performance based on similar computers with the same graphics card. It is indicated as FPS (frames per second). Above 40 FPS is considered to be fluent gameplay (marked in green).
Game Low Medium High Ultra
Assassinīs Creed Odyssey1051038768
Battlefield V169174160149
Call of Duty Black Ops 4211166155150
Darksiders III193137130121
F1 2018206195156135
FIFA 19264235225237
Fallout 7654575858
Far Cry 5124118114109
Farming Simulator 19178145124129
Forza Horizon 4165150144116
Hitman 281777471
Just Cause 4200172135124
Monster Hunter World125114110106
Shadow of the Tomb Raider137120117108
The Crew 260595960