About Us

Shopineer is a comparison shopping website. Our goal is to help you save time and money by quickly finding the best product at the best price. Here is what we mean by this:

Best Product

When you want to buy a laptop, there are hundreds or even thousands of alternatives. It is difficult to find the right one for you. Some people need powerful graphics cards for gaming. Others want a light, highly portable laptop for frequent travelling. Shopineer offers several tools to help you to find the best computer:

  • Filter mechanism to for screen size, price, graphics performance, memory, ...
  • Specific, interactive buying guides, such as the Gaming Laptop Buying Guide and the Business Laptop Buying Guide
  • Automatic suggestions about alternatives for each laptop (faster CPU, better GPU, lighter, better value, ...). This means that even if you found this website through a google search for a specific laptop, our Better Value suggestion may help you discover a similar laptop that is actually both cheaper and better.

Best Price

On every product page we have a price comparison list that helps you find the best price for your product. The difference between the lowest and the highest price is often 30 percent or more, so this really matters! Our focus is to provide you, the consumer, with the best service.

New Features

We are constantly improving our website. If you want to hear about new features, or even better: if you have suggestions for improvements, please join us on Twitter or Facebook: