Gaming Laptop Buying Guide

If you want to use your laptop for 3D gaming, you will need a laptop with high graphics performance and a fast processor. Normally, these are the most expensive laptops, but there are exceptions. Some models offer high performance at a decent price.

This buying guide will help you to find the gaming laptop that best suits your needs. Also, our price comparison feature will quickly show you which shops offer your favorite laptop at the lowest price. Just enter your preferences below to get started.

Screen Size Which screen size to choose for a gaming laptop is a matter of preference. Larger screens are great for gaming but also means a bulkier and less portable laptop.
13 inches: typical ultrabook size (uncommon for gaming laptops)
14 inches: traditional size of a business laptop (uncommon for gaming laptops)
15 inches: a bit smaller gaming laptop but also more portable
17 inches: the most popular size for gaming laptops
18 inches: a bit larger but much more expensive than a 17 inch
No preference

Budget Typically, gaming laptops start at $1000, but there are some good value gaming laptops to be found for less than that. The top of the line machines cost over $2000.
max $500
max $700
max $1000
max $1500
max $2000
No limit

Graphics Performance The dedicated graphics card is the most important component of a gaming laptop. You normally cannot upgrade this on laptops, so you may want to opt for a higher spec graphics card to ensure that you can play next year's games as well.
Integrated Graphics (only old or non demanding games should be playable with these)
Low-End dedicated GPU (only old or non demanding games should be playable with these)
Mid-Range dedicated GPU (modern and demanding 3D games at medium detail settings and HD resolution)
High-End dedicated GPU (The latest, most demanding 3D games in high resolutions and full detail settings)