Business Laptop Buying Guide

Business laptops are usually highly portable and have long battery life. They need a decent processor but graphics performance is of less importance. You also need sufficient memory to be able to run several simultaneous applications smoothly.

This buying guide will help you to find the business laptop that best suits your needs. Also, our price comparison feature will quickly show you which shop offers your favorite laptop at the lowest price. Just enter your preferences below to get started.

Screen Size Screen size is the most important factor of a business laptop. It determines how portable the laptop is. It also impacts the energy consumption (battery life). A larger screen is great for viewing multiple documents side by side, but also means a bulkier and less portable laptop.
12 inches: ultraportable laptops
13 inches: the most popular ultrabook size
14 inches: traditionally the typical size of a business laptop
15 inches: more screen space but a bit bulky for frequent travellers
17 inches: desktop replacement that is not intended to carry around

Budget Business laptops come in all price ranges. A business laptop which is both powerful and highly portable will start at around $1000.
max $500
max $700
max $1000
max $1500
max $2000
No limit

Battery Life You will need long battery life if you travel frequently and if you work unplugged for longer periods of time.
less than 5 hours
5 - 6 hours
7 - 9 hours
10 hours or more
No preference

Memory For light use 4 GB of RAM may be sufficient, but if you run several applications simultaneously you will probably need more.
4 GB
8 GB
16 GB
No preference